Chapter - IX

Progressive Use of Hindi

In order to promote the use of Hindi in the official work of the Department, efforts continued during the period under review. The official Language Implementation Committee held its periodical meetings regularly to review the progress made in the use of Hindi and suggested ways to remove the impediments in the implementation of provisions of the Official Language Act , 1963 and the Rules made thereunder.

2. The work relating to the Hindi Advisory Committee has been streamlined. Its last two meetings were held on 28th March 2001 and 23rd Nov. 2001. The suggestions given by the members of the Committee to increase progressive use of Hindi in official work have been considered and implemented.

3. During the period under review, the Parliamentary Committee on Official Language inspected the Department of Heavy Industry on 31.10.2001. The Committee has expressed satisfaction on progress of Hindi in the Department. The Committee has inspected Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd. Varanasi, Hindustan Cables Ltd., Allahabad, HMT, Bangalore and Richardson and Crudas (1972) Ltd. The officers of the Department carried out inspection of some enterprises during the year to monitor progress made in use of Hindi and their officers were apprised of the Policy of the Government.

4. All the Notifications, Resolutions, Notes and Circulars, Parliament Questions, Annual Reports, General Order and papers laid on the Tables of both Houses of Parliament were issued in Hindi and English. All the letters received in Hindi were responded to in Hindi. " Hindi Pakhwara" was organised in the month of September, 2001 during which several competitions including Hindi noting/ drafting Essay writing and Paragraph writing were conducted. The candidates of the Department participated in these activities with keen interest. Sixty six cash awards were given to winning candidates. Workshops were also organised for officers/employees of the Department to impart training in noting /drafting in Hindi. They were also apprised of the Official Language Act, 1963.

5. Following important steps were taken to promote progressive use of Hindi in official works during the year:-

  1. Under Rule 10(4) of the official language (Use for Official Purpose of the Union) Rule 1976, the Central Government is required to notify the offices where more than 80% staff have acquired working knowledge of Hindi. The Department has accordingly identified and notified three offices of the Tyre Corporation of India on 18.9.2001 as their more than 80% staff have acquired working knowledge of Hindi. A similar notification was also issued on 8.1.2002 in respect of Bharat Yantra Nigam Ltd., Allahabad and BHEL, Varanasi and Noida.
  2. Under Rule 8(4) of the Official Language (Use for Official Purpose of the Union) Rule 1976, the Central Government is required to specify by order the offices where Hindi alone can be used for Noting, drafting etc. Accordingly on 17.1.2002, the Department has notified IWSU section for the purpose of Rule 8(4). This is in addition to five section of the Department already notified for discharging all their function in Hindi.
  3. In order to motivate employees for better work in Hindi, the amount of 1st prize has been increased from Rs. 600 to 1000.
  4. The programme of learning Hindi through "AAJ KA SHABDA" is being actively implemented.
  5. Under a new Chairman, the Official Language Implementation Committee has been strengthened and activated. All the Sections/ Units of the Department have been asked to identify subjects/files in which entire work will be carried out in Hindi.

  1. Public Sector Enterprises, under the administrative control of this Department, also continued to make wholehearted efforts to implement the Official Language Act and its provision. Various Seminars, competitions and workshops were organised in these PSEs to propagate the use of Hindi. "Hindia Pakhwara"/ " Hindi Weeks" were celebrated in these PSEs with great zeal.